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Category: Goodies, Rollerdude 2 has been updated with a few basic teaser images of the menu/story. (That link may not be clickable from the blog homepage as our blog theme sucks a bit in that way. Sorry.) These are very early though so it’s likely to change. Still. At least I did something 🙂 Incidentally, the Rollerdude font […]

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We’re like, busy or something?

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Yeah, this is just a quick update to say sorry we suck at updating. We’ve got the next Line Game in the works (mostly needs programming, all the levels are ready) as well as some other ideas being cooked up. We’ve been very busy indeed with exams lately. However, we’ll soon be working SUPER HARD […]

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Back to the beggining…

Category: Goodies

When we first started making games (6 years ago!) we had no idea what we were doing and we have since come a very long way.

For those of you who interested, I present you with a few of the first games we ever made.

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Look what we bought

Category: Uncategorized 😀 (coming May 2009)

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Line Game: Orange is finally done.

Category: Orange Edition, Our Games, The Line Game

Finally. That was a struggle :P. Oh well, it’s only 20 days late. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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Line Game: Orange Edition – free music download

Category: Goodies, Orange Edition, The Line Game

Another sweet song by Swedish music maestro Djur. For your pleasure.

(View whole article for link)

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What the Flip – free music download

Category: Goodies, What the Flip?!

Our music, in case you didn’t know, is created by an awesome guy called Djur. A lot of people really enjoyed the track he created for What the Flip so we’ve uploaded it here for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! Loser Cowboy Club. It’s (obviously) free to listen to and share with anyone you like, but […]

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level maps for line game:orange

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It’s so close you can taste it. Releasing today or tomorrow, hopefully. So, here are the levels: Check it out! 🙂

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Our first lateness excuse.

Category: Bad Stuff, Excuses, Our Games, The Line Game

Hello, all five three of you reading this! Line Game: Orange is late. Releasing either this week or next week. I blame society. And Jack. Mostly Jack 😛

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New Line Game!

Category: Announcements, Orange Edition, The Line Game

It’s coming, guys. The name is Line Game: Orange Edition. It will have 16 levels (that’s double last time!) but half will be super easy ‘training’ levels. Yeah, we’re trying to make it more beginner friendly. We will be releasing more editions after (up to four total). The deadline is the end of the month. […]

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