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What The Flip is here!

Haven’t launched a new game in a very long time indeed.

It is a crazy game (as I have said many a time) and I hope you enjoy it. Try not to get too dizzy. I wouldn’t want to make anyone be sick.

Now! Onward! To the internets!

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5 Responses to “What The Flip is here!”

  1. Kettlecorn

    I got here via Reddit. I just wanted to say good job on this game. Its simple, yet addicting, and most importantly its tons of fun! You should try entering this contest.
    Whirled is lacking great games currently, and yours is perfect for it. =)

  2. Maxime

    Best flash game music ever !

  3. Jordi Kent

    Y0 dudes – fukn awesome what the flip – i got 10th in the world today – yeah its fukn addictable. Btw i reckon you could release a Super Fun Laser Bomb Exploding Force Shield HeadF*ck editon – with like mini powerups and ‘powerdowns’ – to like double speed of timer, Clear Red Circles, half speed of timer, put holes in the layer (which u can fall thru and die), and temporary shields, matrix slow mo effect ( but not the timer), freeze spin of layer, make cursor thinner/larger. That would be fukn awesome – IF U DO INTEND TO PUBLISH ANY OF THIS CONTENT I CLAIM COPYRIGHT AND SUE YOU – But otherwise yeah – do it! ( I want 50% of advertisement royalties)

  4. kelsey

    this game when i first tried it i was very very very CONFUSED!!!!!

  5. efreayk

    the music is nice

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