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Back to the beggining…

One of our first games - the original rollerdude

One of our first games - the original rollerdude

When we first started making games, we used a tool called GameMaker – a simple drag and drop affair. This was probably 6 years or so ago, and we were nothing but kids who wanted to make games. Since then, we have been through many websites, brands and game concepts – learning lots along the way. Most of our earlier stuff was a bit of a mess, none of us really knew what we were doing, presentation and finish quality was poor and out ability to organize any form of deadline was nonexistent (we went for over two years without ever finishing a game!).

Now, however, we believe we have settled with a brand we love and are planning to churn out high quality, professional games on a regular basis. Woo!

And for those of you who interested, I present you with a few of the first games we ever made.

They are .zip files which contain the .exe game and possibly some other files – just extract the zip file (right click – extract all) and run the game!

Tank Commanda’
Pig Fling 2

I recommend Rollerdude (a tricky little platformer) as the best game to try, it was a huge viral success at our school and greatly annoyed the network admins and teachers. We are currently remaking it into a swanky flash version and it should be one of our next releases – this is your little preview of what the engine will feel like.

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7 Responses to “Back to the beggining…”

  1. Reuben

    hey you’ll guys have some great games here…and very original..keep doing what you’ll are doing :]

  2. Lucas Gelati

    “A few”. It means there’s more games? Dude, I did 1 game with Gamemaker and stoped!
    The game was called “Quarto do Cofre”, was a shit, but taked 2 months!
    Just saying: If you people can make this quality games on Gamemaker, you guys are Awesome!

  3. Lucas Gelati

    It’s just me or Tank Commanda’ don’t open?

  4. Trinton

    that tank commanda` game is AWESOME!!!

  5. Alexis Acosta luvs yew

    oh wow im surprised that samy dude didnt write on this one but wut ev i havnt played any of ur games yet but im plannin on it hey yall eva thout bout makin an account thing to were ppl can make there own account and chat wit other ppl that are online kinda like fanpop or myspace i guess or imvu get wut im sayin hey and if anyone on here has an imvu or fanpop tell me pizzz or talk to me at piz an thnx!!! peace

  6. I♥dogs

    They Already are doing it!

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