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Line Game: Orange Edition – free music download

Another sweet song by Swedish music maestro Djur. For your pleasure.

Heeeere it is: I see Lines doctor, Everywhere!

As always, the track is free to listen to and share with anyone you like, but if you want to use it in your own stuff (games, short films, whatever) then please get in touch with us or Djur. You can email us at

You can visit djur at I’m sure he would love your company.

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3 Responses to “Line Game: Orange Edition – free music download”

  1. rose

    good hard

  2. Communicate with every one

    Communicate with every one…

    […]ArcadePanic Blog » Line Game: Orange Edition – free music download[…]…

  3. Sam

    Hi! Djur’s website is down. Does he have an email address or anything so I can listen to his music?

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