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Line Game: Orange is finally done.

Finally. That was a struggle :P.

Oh well, it’s only 20 days late. Hope you enjoy it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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6 Responses to “Line Game: Orange is finally done.”

  1. bobby

    the line game orange is the best game ever i loved it

  2. Lucas Gelati

    Now you guys have another fan!
    P.S.: I’m from Brazil

  3. termoPilucco

    It awesome, but please make different charts for mouse and keyboard since the scores are not comparable

  4. ioan

    this it a super game its my best game on my life i love this game

  5. Rossssss MURRAY

    chambers… what an awesome level

  6. PEGO

    Please, the only thing missing is a level editor, so we can post our creations, although right now you have done very nice with levels.

    Similar games, being so far from Arcadepanic’s quality Line Game and sequels, have theirs.

    I know nothing about programming. Perhaps is not possible due to being a flash game. If not, please itร‚ยดs worth trying.

    Surely your community will grow faster than ever has.

    The game is excellent.

    Thank you.

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