it's a blog! continues to be the greatest website ever has been updated with a few basic teaser images of the menu/story. (That link may not be clickable from the blog homepage as our blog theme sucks a bit in that way. Sorry.)



These are very early though so it’s likely to change. Still. At least I did something 🙂

Incidentally, the Rollerdude font is the first font I have ever purchased. It was $16 from the absolutely wonderful Typodermic.

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15 Responses to “ continues to be the greatest website ever”

  1. sam

    i know it sucks dude but what is good about it is you did something dude. What also sucks is you have not made any more games yet dude.

  2. Alexis Acosta luvs yew

    sup kk well the first dude yew need to no that yew say dude way to much but other than that i just want someone to email me thats y im on here my email is pizzzz someone email me i wuld luv yew soooo much not tryin to be weird srri!!! piiiizzzz email me im lonely!!!:(

  3. I♥dogs

    I ☺♥♥♥♥♥♥☻ IT!
    I’m the one who made the see-saw land levels.
    I’ll be working on V.5 soon!



  5. usama
  6. usama


  7. Summer

    LOL so hard to do this… I could take all day to beat my score of 5997. I shouldn’t have done that… 😛


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  9. Daniele

    Your hands are sticky, there’s perspire for you upper-lip and also
    you sense lightheaded.

  10. Lily G

    hi 2021

  11. Notyoer

    i always wonder what happend to this site really, i always remembered this site and played its games many later on in life, while enjoying some nostalgia i cant keep the thought of what happend to this site and why it was abandoned i hope everything is ok

  12. Nerdypants254

    man im shocked theres also other people like me who remembered these games from their childhood, so recently too. i miss this page and wonder what happened to the blokes who ran it 🙁

  13. Voxalice


  14. 3hollowedd

    the line game was my childhood game. Im suprised that people still remember it. I randomly just thought about the game, seeing all these people talking about nostalgic games. Its crazy that its been years since Ive played it. Rip flash games it was a great era :(. Thinking about an abandoned site that use to be popular is kinda scary to think about. I hope the creators are doing well and good.

  15. ArmedDeer

    it’s surreal seeing this website up and running
    got a tear in my eye now

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