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We’re like, busy or something?

Yeah, this is just a quick update to say sorry we suck at updating.

We’ve got the next Line Game in the works (mostly needs programming, all the levels are ready) as well as some other ideas being cooked up. We’ve been very busy indeed with exams lately.

However, we’ll soon be working SUPER HARD to get another game out.


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5 Responses to “We’re like, busy or something?”

  1. sam

    ok dude let me know when it’s done dude.

  2. sam


  3. Alexis Acosta luvs yew

    yea dude wut dude STOP FREAKIN SAYIN DUDE DUDE YEA IM TALKIN TO U SAM srri but its weird and annoying maybe once or twice but god u do it to much and in one small sentence and ppls its kk just as long as if u get a new game ill b perfectly happi and someone piiiiz email me at!!!! please and thnz!!!

  4. Alexis Acosta luvs yew

    oh and who ever wrote the otha one wut the hell it dont make no since i mean realli WOW!!! if ur guna write do it right!!!

  5. Ben

    What have you guys been up to, it’s been years since you’ve updated this site. I’d like to see another line game (one more (WAY) challenging then the other ones!) I’ve gotten golds on every single one of the levels, and didn’t feel challenged enough, though i still had fun of course! Please reply!

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