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Line Game: Orange is finally done.

Finally. That was a struggle :P. Oh well, it’s only 20 days late. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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Line Game: Orange Edition – free music download

Another sweet song by Swedish music maestro Djur. For your pleasure.

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Our first lateness excuse.

Hello, all five three of you reading this! Line Game: Orange is late. Releasing either this week or next week. I blame society. And Jack. Mostly Jack 😛

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New Line Game!


It’s coming, guys. The name is Line Game: Orange Edition. It will have 16 levels (that’s double last time!) but half will be super easy ‘training’ levels. Yeah, we’re trying to make it more beginner friendly. We will be releasing more editions after (up to four total). The deadline is the end of the month. […]

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The Line Game

Our first ever game! It was made famous by accident when I sent a small demo of it to a friend, who then submitted it to Digg…

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