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What The Flip is here!

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Woooo! Haven’t launched a new game in a very long time indeed. It is a crazy game (as I have said many a time) and I hope you enjoy it. Try not to get too dizzy. I wouldn’t want to make anyone be sick. Now! Onward! To the internets!

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Hello hello hello hello!

Category: Announcements, Chit-chat, What the Flip?!

…Hi! It would appear we have a new website (…and branding for that matter). I hope you like it. It took us quite a while.

Anyway, yeah, we’re getting back to this ‘flash games’ thing (you may have noticed – or not, most likely – that we haven’t really produced anything in a while) and we think we’re going to do it better than before. Whether this works out is yet to be seen. It is all part of a new-years-resolution type thingy, part of which is to actually produce content more frequently…

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The Line Game

Category: Our Games, The Line Game

Our first ever game! It was made famous by accident when I sent a small demo of it to a friend, who then submitted it to Digg…

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Let’s just say it’s not exactly our most popular game…

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