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Hello hello hello hello!

…Hi! It would appear we have a new website (…and branding for that matter). I hope you like it. It took us quite a while.

Anyway, yeah, we’re getting back to this ‘flash games’ thing (you may have noticed – or not, most likely – that we haven’t really produced anything in a while) and we think we’re going to do it better than before. Whether this works out is yet to be seen. It is all part of a new-years-resolution type thingy, part of which is to actually produce content more frequently.

So, we have a new game for you. It is called What The Flip?! and it is pretty darn crazy. We hope you like it. Lots of our friends like it. We’ll be releasing it very soon – it’ll probably be out by the time anybody reads this.

This here blog is for general musings as well as little experiments and flash thingummies that we make. You’ll also hopefully see some demos of our upcoming games (which will motivate us to actually finish them, hopefully, theoretically…) and… anything else we happen to feel like including?

Anyway, thank you for reading this. Frankly I’m a little surprised. Enjoy the site! Please 🙂

P.S. Also, the website currently still has a few bugs we’re ironing out. I probably won’t bother fixing the IE6 ones for a while though. If you have IE6 you really ought to upgrade your browser to something that doesn’t suck.

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2 Responses to “Hello hello hello hello!”

  1. Marios

    In one game, Monkey kickoff, i have a record! See it and try to beat it! Here’s the link: P.S.Try to beat it!

  2. sam

    Can you make any more at the time?

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