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What the Flip – free music download

Our music, in case you didn’t know, is created by an awesome guy called Djur. A lot of people really enjoyed the track he created for What the Flip so we’ve uploaded it here for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! Loser Cowboy Club. It’s (obviously) free to listen to and share with anyone you like, but […]

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What The Flip is here!

Woooo! Haven’t launched a new game in a very long time indeed. It is a crazy game (as I have said many a time) and I hope you enjoy it. Try not to get too dizzy. I wouldn’t want to make anyone be sick. Now! Onward! To the internets!

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Hello hello hello hello!


…Hi! It would appear we have a new website (…and branding for that matter). I hope you like it. It took us quite a while.

Anyway, yeah, we’re getting back to this ‘flash games’ thing (you may have noticed – or not, most likely – that we haven’t really produced anything in a while) and we think we’re going to do it better than before. Whether this works out is yet to be seen. It is all part of a new-years-resolution type thingy, part of which is to actually produce content more frequently…

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